Samantha Beedie

Tattoo artist and illustrator in Atrincham, Manchester, UK.

What I Do

I'm a versatile tattooist and enjoy working in colour as well as black and grey. Each piece I tattoo is customised and personal to you. I never tattoo the same piece twice.

I work from This Mortal Coil Tattoo Gallery a small studio of world renowned artists in Altrincham. It's easily accessible by train, bus or tram.

Whether it's a new piece, an addition to your existing tattoos or a cover up. Feel free to contact me with your ideas.

I also create artwork for prints and commissioned, one off pieces in a range of mediums.


The Tattooing Of Minors Act 1969 makes clear that it is a criminal offence to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 in the UK. Valid ID (must belong to the person getting tattooed) is required.
No. I use commercial grade powder free black nitrile gloves which are latex free.
You can not get tattooed if you
are pregnant or breastfeeding, suffer from seizures or have any conditions which impair your immune system.

You should consult your doctor and provide a doctors note if you
suffer from diabetes, haemophilia, a heart condition or take any blood thinning medication.

You are obliged to inform me if you
have any bloodborne infection or virus. Due to the increased personal risk the decision to proceed will be at my discretion.
Yes. It is a legal requirement that all premises and individuals providing tattooist services are regularly inspected and licensed with their local authoritiy. You can find out more here.
Yes. I use 3 brands of ink (Eternal Inks, Fusion Inks and World Famous Inks) all of which are Vegan safe and animal cruelty free.
No. I currently do not offer UV or white tattoos.
Make sure you eat something at least 2 hours before your appointment and bring a snack if your booking is more than a few hours long.

Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after your tattoo but avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours before your appointment. I won't be able to tattoo you if you're drunk (or on drugs).

It's important that you don't take aspirin based pain relief products near to or after the time you get your tattoo. Aspirin thins your blood so you might bleed more than usual making it difficult to tattoo you.
No. Due to current COVID restrictions in force, we can not accomodate any extra guests.


All consultations and bookings are by appointment only.

Email me

Alternatively, use the form below for any questions you have:


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Online Shop

I sell a range of artwork prints and original drawings and paintings.

If you've seen any of my artwork or designs that aren't on my online shop, use the form below to get in touch and ask about getting a print or the original piece.